Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Glasses!

Here he is! He looks very cute!!! We bought him 2 pairs of new glasses. A regular pair for everyday and a sports pair for when he is active.
He like them. Here are the pictures.

This one is out of focus. But, he is cute and it is a good shot of the glasses.

Being a goofball!


Well, my new years resolution has been set aside! As you can see...I haven't posted "blogged" since January!! Here are our Family updates.....

The Braces: Yea...this has sucked! LOL After I got the extractions and the braces (Tuesday & Wednesday)...Tom left that very weekend to fly to California to do some filming for the business ( He was there for the weekend and was supposed to be back that Monday morning. He ended up being caught in the middle of the ice storm and got stuck in Vegas on his way back. I was in extreme pain. Unfortunately, I ended up having dry socket in the middle of the ice storm and no way of getting medical attention. Ugh, it sucked! Finally, he made it home and I made it to the dentist. He went out of town again to Chicago in February the weekend right after I had my 1st adjustment (which was painful too) and ended up being stuck there because of another storm. I told him that I think that God was looking out for him...not having to deal with me being grouchy with all the mouth pain!! :) I have another adjustment next week. We will see if he gets stuck somewhere.

The braces are getting better. I am used to them by now and I have lost about 15 lbs. I have been eating. But, I have had to change my eating habits. So, I think that is what the weight loss is. I have to eat smaller bites and I eat slower and get full faster.

Everyone has said that they can tell a difference in my teeth. I am not really sure though.

Our life has been quite busy

Tom: Tom's business is picking up. Pole Position Productions has gotten national attention in the karting world. He is very excited about that. There will be an article about him on the Stars of Karting website soon. I will post the link when it is up!

And I will post a picture of his adventures when he picks one out.

He took Tommy to go karting in Houston. They had a Father & Son weekend there. Here is a picture that he took.

Kimberly: I have started all my Spring pictures for work. I have been really busy!! Hence the neglect of the blog! There have been some long weeks. But, I don't mind. I love my job!! I have also started the daycare sales for work. I am very excited about this! This has been almost a year in the making. I have already had several sales appointments and I have picked up one center. I am currently awaiting to hear back from one center with the possibility of a very big opportunity for us! I have 3 more appointments next week and they all seem very optimistic! We shall see!!

I get so excited about it and I know I am driving everyone crazy about it. But, I think that if I am excited about it that I am going to do better at it. I am passionate about it and I believe it is the best thing out there for childcare photography! I really want these centers to have the best photography company out there. I believe that it is Photo Texas! I have been continuously doing research on all the other childcare photographers out that I can keep Photo Texas as the front runner for photography perfection! Heck, wouldn't you want a company like that for you if you were a childcare center? I am approaching this not just as a photographer but as a parent and as someone that was in the childcare field.

At home, it is the same as usual. Being Mom and cleaning house! LOL Oh, we had our carpets cleaned with Stanley Steamer. I highly recommend this company! They did a great job and were very professional.

Tommy: Has just finished Spring Break. We really didn't do anything exciting for Spring Break this year. We will make it up to him this summer. We did go out to dinner and the movies last night. Fuddruckers and Eragon.

One of the main reasons that I posted on the blog was to put up pictures of Tommy for everyone to see.

He went to the eye doctor yesterday. I got a letter over Spring Break from the school saying that he needed an eye exam. They were given routine eye exams at school on 2-15-07 and he failed his. I am not very happy that it took almost a month for me to get a letter about this. That is one whole month that a problem could have been addressed. I feel I should have gotten a letter within a week. How many kids could have failed the exam?

Well, he needs glasses. He has 20/50 vision and he has astigmatism in both eyes. The Dr said that the glasses (we are going to get them today) will really help. The astigmatism has made it difficult for him to understand the letters and words. See, one month of waiting and there was a solution! A month may not seem like a long time. But, when it comes to does to me. He is in 1st grade and learning everyday. Here are some pictures that I took yesterday. I will post more after we have the glasses.

Here he is in the beginning with Dr. Patel.

I love this one. I thought he looked like a Star Wars character! His eyes look crazy!!

Getting started with the exam.

In the middle of the exam.

I thought this picture looked really cool!!

At the end of the exam.

He was really good at the exam and he is optomisitic about getting glasses! I am excited that we have this figured out and I am hoping that if there was any problems because of this that they will be solved. He has done well in school, he just hasnt really seemed interested in doing homeowrk with us. They Doctor said that could have been because of his vision.

I will try to post more!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Ok..It is painful. I know that it is even worse than a normal setof braces. I am sure that the extractions aren't helping. I have so many kids of pains right now..... My face aches, the spots where the 4 teeth came out hurt..(they were THROBBING this morning) and the teeth around the spots hurt. Now. the mouth where the braces are touching have started to hurt. Will it ever not hurt??? It doesn't even seem that the pain pills are working. And I am tired. I am not able to take a hot bath, yet. Tom is replacing out hot water heater tonight. It broke. I wamt a bath adn I want ot sleep. I got up super early this morning to take Tommy to school and then I went to work. I am worn out. I did get to eat tonight. Tom went to the Greek place. I had lemon chicken soup and hummus.
When does this stop???

Braces Picture

I just had this one taken. I look like crap! Keep in mind that I am in pain and look it! LOL

What do you think? I went with the regular silver bands. Tommy was with me and he picked out hot pink bands. He was so upset when I chose not to have the pink. lol Maybe next time. I am taking it one step at a time.


Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Pictures of the Day

I had Tom take pictures. I needed a "before" picture. I figure that since I am a photographer...I can get lots of pics! Now, I want to remind everyone that I look like crap in these pictures. LOL. But, this is a great journey for me and I am hoping the results only get better!

This is my before. No make-up. Looking lovely! NOT! What do you think about the zebra hair? Tom took these...Not me! I did wash my hair the night before. I figured that something needed to look halfway decent.

My Ms. Piggy impersonation! Ahh..the Nitrous. Here I am getting the gas and waiting while the numbing takes effect. The right side ended up needed additional novicaine. I am pretty happy here! I was a little scared though. The gas made me relax. See all my teeth? My bottom teeth are crooked and crowded. The top is crowded with an over jet. I have been teased through out my life because of my teeth. The top teeth were crooked. I had one tooth (side one next to the front) that I had a composite put on years ago. So, they seemed straight with a overbite. Buck teeth.

This is Tammy! She is awesome!! She is Dr. Evans dental assistant. She is also Dr. Evans (My Orthodontist) assistant too. So...I just consider her mine now! She is really nice and funny too. All of the ladies there are pretty & witty. I like that about them. They make me laugh. Lisa gave me a hug when it was all over...... on my way out. Probably the first time they ever saw me not running my mouth! ;)

Does it look like I am miserable? I am!! Oh, I was already hurting. This right afterwards and I am only showing it because I want to give the real deal. Having that many teeth from every part of your mouth pulled is very traumatic! I am feeling better now. The numbness is gone. It still feels weird though. I rested this morning but I could not sleep. I was able to nap in the afternoon for about an hour. The bleeding has stopped and Ithink that the areas are starting to heal. I was able to eat some instant mashed potatoes. I am glad about that. I also had some yogurt around 3. I wasn't hungry. But, I was feeling nausous and I had a feeling I was onthe verge of passing out. I got really hot and had to just go sit on my backporch with no jacket until it passed. I have the cotton out and I am able to drink water.

The thing that worries me now? Tomorrow! Cleaning the teeth and braces. Plus, dealing with this pain still. I will post pictures tomorrow evening of the finished results. Even though I am in pain....I am very excited. I have waited a long time for this. I am going to be at work tomorrow. I have some great people that I work with. They have been so supportive though this and they are excited for me. I am very greatful for them. I am also greatful for my moms group! Ya'll rock!


PS forgive my spelling, I haven't figured out spell check and I can't copy and paste. Tips?

Four Extractions

This morning.........I had 4 teeth pulled. I am feeling a little bad. But, the pain pillls are working. Which 4? If you touch your front teeth and count back 4. Those are the ones. I had them taken out of every quadrent of my mouth. I have cotton wadded up on each side. Gross!
Why? Because I am getting braces tomorrow afternoon. I will have my teeth cleaned at 3 pm and the braces at 4 pm. They told me that I may lose about 20lbs. Fine by me. I keep telling myself that it hurts to be beautiful. Over and over again! That is what my mom told me when she would brush my super thick hair that was so long that it touched my butt. OUCH! I had terrible tangles. I haven't looked in the mirror yet. Well, shortly...but that was to see all the blood that had poured on my shirt. I then just took it off and got into bed with my bra, yoga pants, socks and a towel. I was slobbering like a waterfall. LOL Very gross! For once I hated the fact that I have solid white sheets and duvet. I am up now and no mishaps. Now, I just am worried about dry socket. My left top side seems to still be bleeding. It was trouble during the extractions. It took extra numbing. I will post some pictures later. I am doing before and after pictures. I will try to post later if I am feeling ok. I just got a burst of energy.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

My Resolution - Learning to BLOG!!

Well, this is my resolution. To learn to blog. This way, I learn something and I can keep my friends and family informed with our life. I plan on having Tommy help me out with this. He has developed a passion for photography and he is quite an entertaining kiddo!! I will forwarn everyone about grammer mistakes. I want this to just be fun and I am not going to start by worrying about mistakes I may make. So, please bear with me. Now, I am going to figure out how to add a picture. LOL I am going to use a really cite picture that I took of Tommy during our holiday photo shoot. He is a cutie!!

Does anybody use this blog site? Have tips? How many pictures can I use for each post?

Wish me luck!